Thursday, December 29, 2005


WOW! wow, oh wow!i had the most fuckin awesome time, it was so so so fantastic!today was the last day of Mood I, and naturally they saved the best for the last!and boy, did they!
tonight was the famous Rock-Nite-'an evening dedicated to pure unadulterated music' as they put it. now i am not the biggest rock music fan in the world, as most people will gladly tell you...but tonight just surpassed everything. it was like u could feel the music creeping up your bloodstream like some sort of strong intoxication, i swear i am not kidding or trying to be dramatic. you could live every beat, feel every note, it was simply out of the world. three bands played one after the other-HFD, Sceptre and Vayu which was the most rocking of all, especially their rendition of Comfortably Numb, it was a piece of heaven. towards the end everybody was just swaying away like under dope (though i wouldnt put it past the fact that some were actually doped!).
well so it sort of got me thinking you know, the amount of influence music has over us. you just needed to see the scene today. it was like mass hypnotism. it was mass hypnotism. everyone went couldnt feel any thing else except that u wanted more and more of this. those musicians must be feeling like God when they perform on stage to a crowd like this. its probably a very addictive feeling itself-seeing a thousand people looking up at you, waving madly, headbanging their heads off!
i came home at 12, still quite under the spell. what a simply awesome evening. WOW, wow wow!
on a lighter note, i did get to 'see the sights' today..but alas! nothing worth reporting, except that the hostels really nice, they have a net connection in every room and a balcony!!!! and oh yeah, guess what-i actualyy used the boys loo coz there wasnt an alternative. i think i might have scandalized a few poor souls though!
well so Mood I is over, and so is IIT-B chapter for this year! it was a real good closing to the year. its such a great place to study, really! oh well, no use depressing myself over this further!
only 3 more days left for the year to end--time sure flies!

PS: does college open on 3rd? is it time already? :-(

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Do u know it takes a bloody 2 hours to reach that stupid place, through non-existent roads, unending traffic jams, and automobiles that keep blowing toxic stuff outta their asses at your precious(and only) lungs every 20 seconds? by the time i reached IIT-B today, i was ready to go back home and i would have except for the fact that i would have to make that abominable journey all over again! i was rather proud of myself in the morning for deciding to go by public transport and all, real smart of me and all that! all that enthu is now cleanly flushed out of my system. thank god for the window seat without which life would have been hell!
so anyway, after a lot of waiting, and some painful crawling by the BEST bus, i reached my destination-the IITB Main the campus is huge (sigh!when i think of my own 2/2...)and there are 3 gates, Market, Main and Lake Gate.but thanks to the fact that i used to tag along with my mom sometimes when she did her research here almost 8 years back, i can navigate myself i had to stop for directions twice, but thats not my fault, these IIT snobs abbreviate the hell am i supposed to figure out their vocabulary, which is not even remotely english!
to cut a long story shot, i managed to find what i was looking for, the film fest being held at SOM (school of management), which was in one word-enriching!considering that i had to while away a good 2 hours on my own, this was a blessing. most of the films were simply superb...the dormant filmaker has risen again!!!
my guide(who is also my friend!)showed me around the campus which is just so so great! i said the same thing in KGP, as i say now..its a place worth all the slogging that u do to get in. its a kind of place that inspires genius!i keep wishing i had even a degree interest in great things like engineering. but woe alas!
anyway, my 2 friends (both furiously proud IITians themselves) insisted on introducing me to other furiously proud IITians as 'our friend from Calcutta who studies Literature' after which they all proceeded to stare at me in wonder and shake their heads as if such things were beyond mortal comprehensibility. one even went as fars so as to ask me-'English?' To which i responded with one of my coldest (and scariest) glares, as if such questions were below answering(which it was! i mean get a life, and look beyond those four walls!)
but all said and done, its still a great enviable place to study, live and spend 4 years of your life in. really, unfortunately, howmuchever one might deny IITs snob value or exclusivity, the truth remains that that blasted place is every inch as great as it claims to be. oh well!
on a lighter note, my friend offered to show me his hostel, warning me nevertheless that loads of topless men, men in various stages of undress and men in their most natural habitat pretending to be nothing else but the animals that they are, might greet my eyes!so naturally, yours truly got truly excited, but was however disappointed when her same friend could not find his ID card. (IDs are not otherwise necessary, but must be shown when admitting a female guest inside the hostel!!)though he has promised to 'show the sights' on thursday when i'll be going again. oh goody!
so that was that. meat a lot of old school friends, some IITians, some not. some pretending to be extremely busy all day, thankfully,since that avoided unwanted conversation, some having all the time in the world.was a good day in so caught up in the hangover, wish i had a campus like this, man!
on another note, have resolved to participate fully in Xavotsav next year! totally inspired by these nerds running around and looking important! must be something to it that i missed! will find out next year.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


well well well....i'm finally here! technically incorrect, coz i got here on the 22nd, but leaving out all the settling in days, jetlags, et al...heh heh! eaten out 5 times parents simply spoil me...but whoz complaining? and i have'nt called anyone i'm supposed to call, met anyone i'm supposed to meet, been just sitting around n dreaming away and wasting away...what a life!! i love it!
this new year party for me. honestly im sick of the whole routine. low lights, people gyratin away to noise that is barely music, greeting ppl they bitch abt regularlt like good ol bumchums....i hate double standards.and anyway probably all just boils down to sour grapes coz i cant dance and cant stand crowds. so this time its all about time with le famille...and maybe convincing dad to open that bottle of wine he got last july!goody!maybe mom n i could both cook up something....actually its really not a bad idea! the folks are all ok really!and u do tend to miss them after a while :)
anyway, so i'll be going to Mood I tomorrow. for the unenlightened its the IIT Bombay Fest-Mood Indigo, and its suppa rokkin! hell, do u knw their budget? a freakin 45 lakhs!!!its madness! but oh well, its supposed to be totally good n all i'll be going. and woe betide anyone who dares smirk at my own college-lousy though it might be!i can cook up amazing stories! no sirreee!
so thats it on this front. whenever i'm in bombay(or any other place) i keep unconsciously comparing with Cal. and u knw what, Cal always wins!! i just love calcutta! carried away!
merry belated christmas, all!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nothing really...!

Do you think i use the word 'really' too much?Really? Its a nice word actually. I like words that have the letter 'l' in them. they roll of your tongue very smoothly.One of my favourite words is 'warble'.U knw, as in, she has a warbling voice.Sounds beautiful.
My friends and i were listening to music most of the time today. Sometimes him n her. Sometimes her n him. Sometimes her n her. Sometimes just her. Sometimes just him. Nobody was left out.
I love the song 'coffee house'. Sometimes when i'm listening to it alone, i even cry a little.Ok, so that sounds sappy.But i cant help it.Things like that move me.I am a sentimentalist i guess.Paul McCartney said: "Whats wrong in being sentimental?Being sentimental just means that you like stuff."I'm not kidding. he really said that!Check out Readers Digest Dec issue.I got it just today.
So where was I? Yes, coffee house.I love that song.Actually it reminds me a lot of what calcutta stands for. Or used to stand for.I dont know. But i wish that kinda stuff would happen to me.
Have u been to coffee house? Chances are, no.Well i have-but i'm not goin to rant about how great a place it is. Coz its not.All it has probably is its history...the past. It did not inspire poetry in me.I just went there, had a cold coffee(with cream) and a sandwich or something. It was very crowded though.And smelled of a lot of people.Sweat.Heat.Dust.Cigarette.Cigarette.Cigarette...And old books. College Street. Presidency College.Very faint...that was. Somewhere among the cracked, soiled tables...the dirty floors, the stale air...lurked the spirits of young men and women eagerly discussing their views on literature, politics, sports. Great thinkers. Thoughts they thought would change the world.
Only the world never changed. But the thinkers did. And so did the thoughts.
Nowadays people believe in being anti-idealist anti-intellectualist (is that even a word?) Perhaps thats the more realistic thing to be.And i'm not any different-i would choose CCD over Coffee House anyday i think, no matter what i'm trying to prove with this post.(actually i'm not trying to prove anything).
Its just that song then..."coffee house-er shei addata aaj aar nei, aaj aar nei..."
Listen to it sometimes if you have'nt. And if u have, listen to it again.Wont change your views, that song.
But listen to it anyway. Its a great song.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Today was such a waste....i mean a total total waste! but oh yes, dirty berie's class was simply great. i dont mean to sound like a loser describing classes...but seriously, u just gotta attend one of those classes. u know its the time when he's not trying to be particularly nasty for a change. he's really good....totally lowe him then!
oh well, saw a particularly uninteresting film today...but then i'm sure it must've appealed to...ahem...others!like it says above-whataiva!
i'm trying to save money of late...well not exactly money, just a few stray loose change which is all i'm left with. you know, money is really important, no matter how materialistic that sounds. i need to start earning fast...some of my friends are already towards their first million...n i'm really not kidding!
cant wait till its the going to bombay (yeah!yeah!). not very great or anything, but i've been really missing the place, n kinda feel like i want to get away right now. plus i also miss being spoilt by my parents for a change( they do that a lot now that they dont have to see me everyday!)
btw, im listening to great music.....thanks shorty!
gotta go now, im bored!

Monday, December 12, 2005

All about Moi...

Well well...the blogging bug catches fast....
I have another blog anyway but thats only meant for 'literary masterpieces' which also happen to be non-existent! this one is for day to day gibberish, totally at the mercy of the computer which loves to sit down and die when it's bored!
i dont know what else i'm supposed to say coz i usually dont have much to say...gawd knows what i was thinkin-opening yet another blog.this was just an intro or something of that sort.
anyway, if ure wondering about the name 'pocahontas'--well i've been told by loony (u must have met!) that i resemble her...and i knw she'll comment "boast korbi na"! but oh well, i like the idea myself...she's really cool (pocahontas-not loony!).
sorry loony.....ure cool too, v cool!
so going back to the title...i couldnt think of anything else. anyway, i dont even knw why i'm on a justifying trip.
will post later...indian idol on in a few minutes.