Thursday, February 23, 2006

It doesnt matter that the world is coming to an end as long as you are secure in you own private little world. It doesnt matter that there's war in the country next door as long as it doesnt interfere with the party next day. It doesnt matter that there isnt enough food to go around as long as you got your right flavour of Oreos.
so what if people are dying everyday, so what if there have been 2 shattering earthquakes, an all-consuming tsunami, hurricanes et al within a span of 2 years? as long as it hasnt prevented you from going about your daily life pretending nothing has happened? Pretending...? Probably the wrong word to use. Why what could possibly be wrong? And what on earth could you do about it?

I'm just bitter. But this is not a moral judgement. The you is really me. Sometimes talking to yourself in second person helps...makes you sit up. Its not helping this time though. Momentary lapses into insanity is what this is. Tomorrow i shall go back to worrying about my hair and my life. And how much weight i've put on. And how hot it is. And i shall read this blog and consider deleting it. And maybe in 2 days i will.

For what does it matter really whatevers happening so far away?And what could i possibly do about it?