Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Mosquitoes bite me now. I'm not above them anymore.
I don't care about people much. Like I mean, about humanity in general. If i work in a NGO, I'd rather save mountains. Actually I dont want to save anything because saving something means taking responsibility for it forever (some old Chinese proverb). And responsibility is only another way of commitment. I will blog in both my blogs now. I shall copy paste unashamedly. Only posts that i do not mind others reading. That is the whole points isnt it?
Today I saw Shob Charitro Kalponik. I feel like Indraneel. I do things like that. Except that i do not write poetry like that. Small difference. No maybe i wont copy paste. I need to learn to let go. I cant live in 525 forever and thats a fact. Who will stop the rain indeed? Except that i do not want the rain to stop. I dont ever want the rain to stop.
Why do we keep asking What Next? I dont have the answer. I dont even want to know the answer. You'll know when it happens. It'll be out there.
I want to travel. I want a new book--V for Vendetta...the real thing not the e-thing. I hate e-things. I'm getting tired of Facebook.
Houseguests are a pest. I need my room at my beck and call even if i'm not going to be in it.
This is a very very pointless post. I'm writing it because i wanted to do something today. All day i did nothing. Like really nothing. I just lay.
I'm a little upset. I know why also. Its stupid. I want that...that. That one flash, one moment of something. Its been long.