Saturday, December 09, 2006

You know what i dont have? One of those 4 a.m.-friends. Realized it sometime around 4 a.m.(ah...thats why the name!) this morning.
Its all a little ironic. And i thought somebody would do something. But then i have these crazy expectations from the most unlikely people. And lets face it. People sleep at 4 a.m. And they arent likely to read my mind either...i keep all telepathic lines firmly shut.
But then...i guess what really matters is not that people are asleep, but that i really couldnt think of anyone to wake up. As in, what would i say? "Help!?!?"
Its weird. If only a little. All these years on the planet and i couldnt think of anyone i could wake up. At 4 a.m. Or p.m.
What a profound epiphanic moment. am i going to see fireworks now?
Too bad, theres daylight.
Oh, and my throat hurts.