Friday, September 01, 2006

Random again.

I seem to have this sudden obsession of reading other people's blogs. Not unknown people. People i know. And not the fancy type blogs either. Just what they have been doing all day, and what they ate for breakfast types. And to see if I can figure out who the obscurely hinted personalities they mention are, and if they are anyone i know. And oh ok...I am curious as well. To see if i'm mentioned anywhere. It all comes back to me!

I love being asked to do things. Even though i think i'm really lazy, i still like being asked. Like i was so happy, when i was asked to help serve the dishes today. Sure i wobbled them and everything, but nothing broke.

I love receiving e-mails, that are not fwd types. In fact, i hate fwd types. I like long newsy e-mails about nothing in particular. It makes me feel happy.

It really doesnt take a lot to make me happy. I love a good funny conversation, which neednt always be terribly intellectual, but mustnt quite be "duh" either. I'm very particular about duhs! I love chocolate chip and walnut cookies with cold coffee. I love coffee. I love being pampered when i'm sick. (Sick of..?) I love being pampered in general. I love it when my dad calls just like that. I love planning certain things even though they are like far away and never likely to happen. Like a friends wedding in 2011, or an unlikely sleepover.

Oh, and i love classes (eeeks...not all). I so prefer regular happy things sometimes. And things that make me think. And I dont know what to make Poryphria's lover after having read it thrice now. Its a little psychotic, i conclude. And leave it at that. I hate it when people tend to over complicate Peter Pan, and over simplify politics. Its not right.

But, i still stick by the blogs. I love reading other people's everyday blogs where i can guess who or what they are talking about. And...if I'm ever mentioned, it totally makes my day! :)